The One With The Cancer Survivor

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One day "HypeDad", aka Mark, was nonchalantly talking to me about Instagram edits and photography. I admire his Instagram page + content, so I proceeded to ask him about his background in the photography industry. He said, "I owe it to Micah (his son). He saved my life in 2015."

Wow. The conversation flipped just like that and I would soon hear one of those stories that makes you have all sorts of faith in humanity all over again. I heard one of those stories that makes you step back, count your blessings and give a little more love; cast a lot less judgment.

I open my next message and it reads: "I just recently started taking photos when I became a stay-at-home-dad. I was diagnosed with aggressive stage 2 burkitt lymphoma cancer. I was bleeding through my throat and nose and it was spreading fast. The same week I was diagnosed I had to go in for chemo." He continued to explain that he never smoke, ate healthily and was physically fit. 

He created @hvpedad to create memories for his kids incase the cancer came back and took his life. He said, "I didn't want them to think I left them without no memories of us. I leave subliminal messages to them how to deal with adversity and trials + tribulations."

& he didn't just leave messages through Instagram captions: he left messages at the house incase he didn't get to come home.

Now Mark is in remission: cancer free. He started Instagram, not to become an influencer, but to leave an impact for his kids regardless of whatever God had planned for him. Today I hope you get the chance to count your blessings, maybe twice, because you never know what will be thrown in your path. Hug your kids a little longer. Call your parents and tell them you love them. Send flowers to your friend. Surprise your husband or wife with their favorite dinner- tonight. Don't wait to share your love. Make your life matter- because it does. 


Mark’s story is so inspiring. His story brought me to tears. I’ve lost two grandparents to cancer and have had ovarian cancer. This touched my heart.

Irene October 21, 2019

Kids are a Blessing from GOD and to imagine leaving them behind is Heartbreaking!
The most Evil Thing in this World is the Word “CANCER” it has so many means within the body. Having Lots of Faith in what you believe in really works!
Being Strong 💪🏼 is the Key, to Never Give Up Hope!
Reading this about HypeDad (MARK).. Wow! His Motivation way his Baby!
Making Memories Matter.. 🦋

Ms. JAI October 21, 2019

Such a good read! Thank you for sharing your story, Mark. Congratulations on being a cancer fee!!

Dianalyn Clemente October 07, 2019

Wow. This definitely pulled on my heartstrings. I can’t even begin to imagine what this was like. God bless you and your family. So glad that you beat cancer and are sharing your lives with us. Thank you 🙏🏼

Victoria Wilson October 07, 2019

Children are Gods Angel’s to help us overcome whatever is happening. Admire you that you take active part in parenting an when your children are on their own they will have wonderful example to follie

Kim October 07, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing your story Mark! I think it is beautiful and so touching that you are creating these memories for your kids! Keep fighting!

Shani October 07, 2019

Wow! For sure hit home with me. May you continue to have more years with the kids ♥️

Kim October 07, 2019

What a beautiful story! 🙌🏼😭❤️

Celina October 07, 2019

So much motivation and inspiration in this post! I love it.

Monica Manalo October 07, 2019

This is so inspirational at every line! 🙏🏼 Mark, Micah and fam ♥️ Way to kick Cancer 🙌🏼 We moved to Seattle so that my mother could get the best medical care during her fight.

Love how all these stories touch home, Karla!

Betty Rose October 07, 2019

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