The One About Self Care

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One year ago, I was fighting for my life because of a rare cancer in a rare location. Some say it was tragic, but to me it was a blessing in disguise. In just one breath I learned how tomorrow is not promised. When I found out about my diagnosis I wasn’t worried about my cancer: I was worried about how I’ve treated others around me, especially my daughter Kehlani. So from that point I changed the way I treated others. I was more mindful to be patient, positive, fun, and loving to others. Karla, the owner of Kambia Kids, created a tag and it was in my face at the right time. 

The tag said the following:

“Be there for your kids. Say yes as often as possible; say no when necessary. Go to a movie theatre in your pajamas together. Read books out loud with animated voices. Giggle a lot. Surprise them. Teach them that colors represents creativity; not gender. Teach feelings. Heal your inner child. Bake a cake and eat it with no hands. Go find giraffes and kiss them. Plan to build a rocket-ship. Make magic. Make forts. Make memories. Make loving safe. Reveal your own dreams. Search out the positives. Send letters to god. Encourage silly. Stop yelling. Paint their sneakers. Express your love. Really, truly love your child.” 

These are seriously amazing words to live by. 


Karla asked me how I stay so calm and collected when things don’t go the way I would like. The answer is because of her, Karla. These words she put on her tag will stick with me forever. If you read those words again, ask yourself if you are truly living by them. Because they are such simple things to live by yet 100% impactful. Even if you don’t have a child. Being nice to others is a beautiful legacy to leave.

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