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Article: The One All About Self Care

The One All About Self Care

The One All About Self Care

We are fortunate enough to work with the best parents and we want to help you by sharing their secrets. Each Monday, we will launch a new blog series, sharing a post with our most admiral mommas. We take a moment to celebrate their highest achievement and share their best, most anticipated tips + tricks for successful days ahead. 

When you fly on an airplane, the crew goes over the safety precautions during takeoff. If needed, you are instructed to put your oxygen mask first before helping others (ie. children). The reason why is because if you run out of oxygen, you can't assist those in need with theirs. What does this have to do with self care and motherhood? I know it's a crazy analogy, but it's a simple reminder to take care of yourself before anyone else.

Being a mother is a blessing but it can get hectic. Motherhood is just straight up crazy. We tend to lose ourselves and focus on meeting the needs of others. Prioritizing yourself before your own kids may sound selfish- heck, I bet you'd even feel guilty- however, you must keep in mind that in order to give your friends + family the best, is to be your best first.

I used to feel so guilty leaving my kids with my husband while I'm out getting a massage, but, now I know I need to be away and that it's okay to have me-time. Not only is it okay, it's important. I come home feeling better which puts my whole family in a better state. I make sure to have at least one appointment a week of either a massage or acupuncture session.

Self care can be described as anything that helps you feel better. It can be as simple as reading a book, a power nap, or a relaxing bath. Taking the time to take care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you and your family. We have the job of providing to the needs of our children, it can be exhausting. 

I read somewhere that "you can't pour out of an empty cup". I just remind myself of this. So take care of yourself, give yourself the time. It doesn't make you a "bad mama" - if anything, it makes you better and stronger. 

I'm teaming up with Kambia Kids and doing a self-care giveaway. We are gifting a special, deserving mama $75 giftcard to the place they gain the most "me-time" from. Let us know where, how + when you would spend the giftcard in the comments section below and we will pick a winner Friday, September 29 at 6PM.

To follow more of my journey on Instagram at @adoseofhana! 


I didn’t know what self care was until I became a mother—I relate so much with this! The more we empower each other that it’s OK to meet our needs before others, the more moms will feel less guilty and more appreciated by the household they run. Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

Betty Rose

Self care is definitely important, especially how you cant pour out of an empty cup! For me it involves a lot of me time at the gym or relaxing and watching my newest Netflix series!


What a great reminder. It’s so important to put things on hold to make time for yourself. The way I find “me” time is by going to nurseries. Gardening is so therapeutic and relaxing to me. I love to spend hours in my garden and helping things grow and thrive. My favorite nursery is in Santa Barbara, Terra Sol Garden Center. Something so therapeutic about being around plants, the smells, the colors….it’s relaxing and inspiring. I can wonder around this particular nursery all day. Reminds me to appreciate the life around me and how truly beautiful it is.



Julie C

Self care and self love are more important than ever! We often think that as soon as we have little ones, it is all about them. Fill your love tank ladies! 💖 $75 would treat myself to two sushi solo lunches. I never knew the power of treating myself to a solo lunch until having little ones. 😂

Rochelle T.

Great post. 100% agree with prioritizing self-care! We need to do this regularly to be the best versions of ourselves for our kids :) I love getting a massage and/or facial to help rest and reset. A gift card to Spa Utopia would be so relaxing!


I love this! I’m so glad you’ve really emphasized the value of being kind to yourself—it’s easy to forget! Such a good reminder that mum herself is a priority too!


Uhm… this topic makes me sad because I acknowledge that I totally lack self-care. No, not because of guilt that I don’t do it more because I tend to forget that I am important in the family too :( I would constantly cancel my nail, gym or yoga appointments to do anything else for the kids or husband. Then I get super sad that I didn’t get anything done for myself. I say YES to everybody except to ME! Self-care would mean spa day or massage so I am forced to stop moving, seriously. So a gift card to a thai massage would be ideal for me. Thanks for the reminder <3

Amy Dolotallas

Therapeutic shopping at Aritzia is my go to


Me time and self care ARE important, as a mother. I agree completely that you can’t pour from an empty cup. I’ve never heard that saying before and I really like it! Great post. My me-time, honestly, is in a tattoo chair. Kids aren’t allowed in the shop, so it’s a guaranteed alone time. Plus… when you are getting a tattoo, it’s literally the only thing you can think of while it’s happening. It’s quiet time for the brain chatter ;)


Good read! Can’t care for others if we don’t take care of ourselves first.


I love my “me-time” at the gym, getting a good work out and starting my day early gives me energy for the rest of the day. I would appreciate a gift card to the Body Energy Club so I could use it to get smoothies after my workouts!


I go to therapy as a big part of my self-care routine. It’s important for my mental health to talk through things and get professional insight. That being said, I won’t say no to a massage sesh!


Self care is SO important. I tend to cater to everyone’s needs and put my family, chores, errands and other tasks before me. I need to remind myself how healthy it is for ME to take time for ME.

I like to spend my “me time” at the Avila Sycamore Springs Resort & Spa. It’s located in a peaceful, wooded area, lost in the hills. I like to soak in the hillside, mineral hot tubs. After, I relax with Yoga or a message at the resort. It provides a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience this Mama desperately needs. My best friend (she’s a Mama of 2 as well) and I have been wanting to go, but this hectic Mom life keeps us busy.

Such an awesome read and an excellent reminder.


As a father and husband, I make sure to give the mother of my children time for herself. I encourage others to do this as well!


Great read! Self care is so essential in maintaining a healthy mind state and relationship with yourself, as well as your friends and family. Keep getting those massages!


Self care is definitely so important for us busy mamas! I like to use my “me” time to go to the gym or a fun workout class. Such a great post. Thank you!

Victoria Wilson



Absolutely agree self care as a mom is so important! Thanks for sharing mama it’s so important to let other mamas know it’s healthy to take time out for themselves!


I am constantly needing to be reminded of this, but it is so true! I need a haircut badly, lol I would book an appointment at Hairaholic spa in Hinton and get my hair cut and colored, on the weekend when the hubby is home. ☺️


What a great read… so important! Love this!!!


I can’t agree more with the quote, “you can’t pour out of an empty cup”. So important to self care! My go-to self care is my hot bubble bath :)

esther kim

Self care has become so important to me and I’m always practicing it with and without the kids. With a $75 gift card I would get a much needed facial from Skoah 😍

Mary Kiarie

Self care is getting a massage while the little one is sleeping.


Yes, me-time is a must! My me-time is driving, to work, to the store, to the gym, to drop off or pick pick up the kids from school. It clears my head, and plus I feel guilty when I’m out having fun without my family. I think that’s why I like road trips lol. If I win the giveaways, I’ll probably just end up using it on for the kids and buying something on Kambia Kids 😊

Diane Clemente

I would spend the day at a relaxing spa, being a full time working mom and coming home to a toddler takes a toll physically and mentally. After giving birth via Caesarian my body hasn’t been the same since and having the little amounts of me time makes me forget about the chronic physical pain and will give my mental health a break as well. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that feels like a bad mom and guilty even if it’s just an hour to myself.

Pamela Hoang

Love this! :)

Rachel Caballero

Great read! I love spending my “me” time at the spa. I try to go at least once or twice a month! Much needed for my hectic life with the kids!

Sarah Longno

You’re an amazing mommy! Thanks for being real and inspiring💖


Cutie 🙂

sharany villacorte

Thank you so much for this reminder. The airplane analogy was spot on. It’s impossible to take care of anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself first. My favorite things to do for “me-time” is getting a massage or going to the nail salon.


I agree 100%. ♥️


Love this post so much. Us mommas red to run on empty and do things for everyone around us except for ourselves.


Something I definitely needed to hear today. Lately I’ve been spreading myself so thin with work, my daughters schedule, home stuff, spending time with family that it’s so easy to forget to just sit back and have time to yourself. I would go to any spa to get a massage that’s how little I know about where else massages are offered haha or what other treatments I can get. Great post to remind everyone ❤️


I agree! Me time is so important. Being a full time working mama of four I don’t have much of it.. but on my lunches I take a nap to help catch up on sleep. That’s my me time :) … but for me, my “me time “ is also the time I get when it’s just my man and I. I’d love to have a romantic dinner and enjoy the mineral hot springs spa with him.


I love to go to the mall. If I have a extra time and extra money, I always make sure to buy something (affordable) for myself asides from groceries. Sometimes giving yourself a “me time” or a time alone, helps you to have a better life satisfaction. 💯

Christian Marie Bernal

How inspiring! It’s so easy to forget ourselves as mothers, and self care is SO IMPORTANT. I love being able to glamorize my hands and feet by getting my nails done. I haven’t had them done by a salon in a long time, as motherhood doesnt leave much time or funding for it! Probably looking into Sir’s and Her’s in Abbotsford, BC.

Jayme Lynch

What a great reminder, I often help others most of the time. It really opens my eyes on focusing more on myself to be able to give more to others.


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