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We are fortunate enough to work with the best parents and we want to help you by sharing their secrets. Each Monday, we will launch a new blog series, sharing our interview with our most admiral mommas. We accept questions from you, ask them personally and share their best, most anticipated tips + tricks. 

Kasey Moore is a proud daughter, a sister to two and (an award-winning-best-looking) wife to former NFL Star Lance Moore. Above all else, Kasey is a mom of two; Graylee Mae + Nola Rae. Whether you know her personally or simply through the internet, you will quickly realize she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside and, it's so surreal to watch her instill these qualities + attributes in her daughters. Our team has worked with Kasey personally and we can tell you her "sweatpants, hair-tied, chilin' with no makeup on" natural-look is just as flattering as her extravagant fairy-tale wedding photos. And, she doesn't just capture those pleasant cute moments of her girls once and a while to share them online- her girls are actually pleasant and cute! all.the.time.

All powerful, admirable + aspirational women always look for ways to build their mental/emotional health and enhance physical beauty (especially if it positively impacts your whole family!): lucky for us, we have the expert herself sharing her best tips and tricks on her families diet + a healthy mental/emotional lifestyle:

1. Do you eat organically or implement any type of dietary restrictions in your household (vegan, no dairy, etc.)?
My husband and I are major foodies so we can’t really have any restrictions or diets in our household.
2. Did you breast feed your kids?
Yes, I breastfed both of my girls for 7 months.
3. Breakfast gameplan?
We all eat breakfast together every morning. Lance usually cooks eggs for everyone. I usually have a bagel with cream cheese. Graylee’s favorite breakfast is organic pancakes, yogurt with granola and bananas.
4. What is your secret ingredient when making your kids eat something?
Sprinkles! Graylee will eat anything with a few sprinkles sprinkled on top of it!
*MOM-LIFE HACK: Stop giving your kids lollipops and bags of fruit snacks for a photo! A sprinkle or mini-marshmallow will do the trick and it's much healthier! Check out this behind-the-scenes photo of a Kambia Kids Photoshoot with Kasey + Graylee: 1 big smile in exchange for 1 sweet sprinkle!
Check out this behind-the-scenes Kambia Kids Photoshoot of Kasey + Graylee: stop giving your kids lollipops and bags of fruit snacks for a photo! A sprinkle or mini-marshmallow will do the trick and it's much healthier!
5. Do your kids take vitamins? Do you or your husband?
Graylee takes a kids multivitamin gummy every day. I take a prenatal and iron supplement.
6. Tips for moms trying to lose weight?
The Whole 30! 
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The Whole 30
7. Your kids seem so happy and they’re so kind- do you have any mental/emotional health tips you implement on yourself and your kids?
As long as my kids are getting 3 good meals, with snacks in between, they tend to be happy and well-behaved throughout the whole day.
8. You frequently share videos on Graylee and Nola loving and laughing with each other: What tips would you give to parents raising siblings?
Raising siblings to love each other is very possible. It isn’t without it’s challenges but I promise you, it is worth the effort. Don’t allow bad behavior between them. And, it’s very important to foster a special relationship with each of them.
9. Do you have a favorite book to read your kids?
“Be Kind” By Pat Zietlow Miller. 
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Be Kind
10. How do you deal with negative people? Tips on how to help your kids deal with negativity?
Don’t take it personally and realize everyone has their own journey. You have to understand why the person is so negative and what they have gone through to be at the state they are at. If you can understand where it’s coming from, it’s much easier to deal with.


Remember to make healthy food-substitutions, read with your kids and teach/practice good manors and happy habits with your family! For more of Kasey's inspirational life, follow her on Instagram at @kaseytrione.


Please leave comments below + share your diet/healthy lifestyle tips and tricks! Let us know what you thought!


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Graylee + Nola are such sweethearts in person- you can tell it’s not just genetics- it has to do with their lifestyle + upbringing. You have to take advice from people who have what you want!

Karla McCormick June 11, 2018

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