The One With All The Memories

This is to remember the old memories with your family and to create new memories with your family.

With a lot of heart, inspiration + imagination, we have created the outfit you can color in. Kambia Kids is launching the first outfit on the market that each kid can create + custom design themselves (with the help of their parents). 

All profits are going to Trina's Kids Foundation, in memory of Trina Ricci, who fought her toughest battle of cancer.

Cancer. The word that drives chills up our back, brings this overwhelming hatred and causes immense fear. Cancer doesn't discriminate by age, race gender or demographic so I am unfortunately confident that all of us have been negatively impacted by this horrendous disease. 

On the other hand, we know that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers and getting diagnosed with cancer means you will undeniably dig deep (and keep digging deeper) for this strength you didn't even know you had. At least, that's what happened in Ms. Ricci's case: 

After beating lung cancer almost three years ago, Ms. Ricci was told on May 26 of 2017 she had tumor on her brain. After going into immediate brain surgery, she was told the cancer had already spread throughout. Yet, she confidently opted into chemo + radiation, knowing it was going to be a (steep) uphill battle from here on out. 

She is a mother. A best friend. A leader of many. I retired, puppy-loving, athletically inclined boss. She is a proud believer + child of God. An Italian home chef of the best macaroni on Sundays. She is an independent woman. She is a doer and a finisher. And, even if she ever complained or seemed upset, she would do and finish anyway. She tells it how it is. She is a role model. She is an inspiration. And now, she is an angel.

The only way to undeniably beat this battle regardless of any outcome, is to keep sharing the stories keeping the memories alive and to keep making positive outcomes out of every situation. That’s why your new design + future activity lets kids create and color their own outfit. Ms. Ricci has reached this surreal point of immortality, not only because of the lives she touched, but also by the nonprofit organization that has progressively grown each year, which was started by her son 4 years ago. Proceeds from these pieces will go directly to Trina's Kids Foundation to help improve the lives of hundreds of other children.

Design. Create. Make A Mess. Live A Life Of Purpose. Give Back. Make Memories. Remember Memories. 

We will always remember the greatness you brought into this world, Ms. Ricci, and your legacy will live on. 

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