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Article: Our Dream. Our Mission.

Our Dream. Our Mission.

Our Dream. Our Mission.


Something had to give: twenty weeks into pregnancy, 85% of soon-to-be-parents have grown accustomed to designing their new nursery depending on the predicted gender of their newborn. Before a baby even sees the world it will soon grow up in and be apart of, we as a society, are automatically and unconditionally programming our children as to how they should live, act, play and dress. We live in a world where all women are judged by their looks and where true men don't cry. Our daughters are walking around in pink, puffy daisy shirts while our sons are rolling around in the mud. After all, “boys will be boys".

We live in a society with various different gender roles, stereotypes, and added limitations programmed and labeled onto all of us at such a young age.

Unfortunately, these preconceived ideas and concepts have transpired into adulthood. For things to change, we have to make a change. Here, at Kambia Kids, we aspire to create a safe atmosphere in order to stimulate a child’s individuality by producing gender free products. Not gender neutral but gender free. We believe we can change an entire generation by supporting the personal growth, development and individuality of each independent person regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or status. We can encourage the children we are raising to step outside the standard and challenge the status quo. We can help the children we are rising become the people they are met to be.



Kambia Kids is the children's apparel clothing line inspired by diversity and creativity. The brand offers significant value to families who want to embrace their children's mental and emotional growth. We envision a group of people, including parents and their children, getting together to help each other change the world. Crazy, right? But, considering the Wright brothers bent metal, Steve Jobs sat in on a college course, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech, and honestly, we all live on a floating ball of fire in space, our team doesn't really need to be convinced that anything is possible when you believe in something strong enough to invest every ounce of your soul into it. This company will not only change an entire industry, but will help change the lives of so many individuals internationally. In addition to proving clothes for both boys and girls, Kambia Kids believes in the value of helping children around the world. We are gearing up to start a movement where every action we take has a positive impact on someone else. Here's a few ways how:  


          • We support and encourage happy and healthy growth of children around the world, which means we understand they grow up quickly and grow out of their clothes even faster! We are offering all of our loyal clients to ship back the used garments you purchase from us so we can recycle the fabric and give your worn clothes to someone in need!

          • The process is simple: shop with us, ship the clothes back when your little one has out-grown them and we will send + share them with someone in need.

          • Simply said and proudly put, we're made in America. If you wanted more information about our designs and construction, check out our blog or contact us directly!



Integrity. Equality. Big moves. Bigger goals. Kambia holds a high standard of excellence and aims to make a better life for families around the world. We are a company making a movement within the fashion industry that can impact the world we live in today. And, better yet, impact the future world our kids, grand kids and great-grand kids will be living in tomorrow and all the days to come. Support us and help us reach our wildest dreams, and together, we can do things the world thought was impossible. After all, it's only impossible until it's done.

Until then, be there for your kids. Say yes as often as possible; say no when necessary. Go to a movie theatre in your pajamas together. Read books out loud with those animated voices. Giggle a lot. Surprise them. Teach them that colors represents creativity; not gender. Teach feelings. Heal your own inner child. Bake a cake and eat it with no hands. Go find giraffes and kiss them. Plan to build a rocket-ship. Make magic. Make forts. Make loving safe. Reveal your own dreams. Search out the positives. Send letters to God. Encourage silly. Stop yelling. Paint their sneakers. Express your love. Until then, really, truly love your child. 

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