The One Where You Turn Your House Into A Home

Candle with a flower in the background

Home is your safe haven and comfort zone. This is your sanctuary to truly be yourself. This is a space that is filled with love and dreams.

Read our tips below on simple tips to turn your house into a home!


1. Have a 'Relaxation Zone'

As a parent, you deal with more daily life events than one can really imagine. We all need a space where we can unwind and escape from it all. You deserve a center made for peace and calmness. Pick your happy spot where you have your favorite chair, add a beautiful flower arrangement, and you can light our 'Home Sweet Home' Candle. 

2. Give your little some decorating power

When your little comes home from school they will also need a space to release their imagination. After all, your home is also your little's safe haven to express their true self. Give them the freedom to add an element of their own to let them establish their personal connection to your family home.

3. Add pictures in empty spaces

Add personal touches to your home and have your family mark this sanctuary as theirs. Frame your memories and have them up around the home as a positive energy around the home to bring everyone's mind to a good place. Fill your home with the reminiscent moments that has filled your hearts with joy.

4. Create positive memories in every space

Help your loved ones associate every single area in your home with a positive memory. Bake cookies with your little in the kitchen, make forts with them in the living room, and play hide and go seek with them in the backyard. 

 Home is for furry friends, family traditions, and dad's one liners. Home is safe. Home is love. There's no place like home.

Comment below + share what you do to help your family love your home!

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