Exercise in general is pertinent to living a long, healthy life.  For the ones that are carrying a child, exercise can reduce the risk of complications and improve your overall health for postpartum as well.  

We listed some exercises below that can help you stay in tip top shape. We urge you to speak with your doctor first to get clearance for physical activity. 


1. Water workouts

Swimming and water aerobics are great activities to incorporate cardio into your schedule. Being in water will help your baby bump feel lighter and will alleviate stress on your joints. However, do be mindful of slippery decks and avoid diving or jumping into the water.

2. Weight lifting

Going to your gym is still a safe option for you with some modifications. Limit your range of motion by using machines instead of free weights and switch to lighter weights to decrease your chance of injury. 

3. Yoga & Pilates

Increase your flexibility, strengthen your core, incorporate stretching, and focus on your breathing. There are also pre-natal classes that are tailored to ensure your safety. Yoga and pilates can help strengthen your muscles to prepare you for the special day in the delivery room.

4. Stationary cycling

Reposition yourself so there is less stress on your back and joints and make sure to not overheat. You can try a group class to get an introduction or cycle on your own time - either way, going at a steady pace is recommended.   

5. Walking

The most convenient workout to do is to go for a walk. You can go outside to get  sunshine and you can do it whenever and for however long you want. There is no special equipment that is required and you can go on a walk during any point of pregnancy. 

6. Barre

This is recommended to implement in your routine earlier in the term so that you can establish the balance you need for later in your term. Barre includes no jumping and will strengthen your lower body and core. 

Remember to listen to your body and start slowly if you are new to exercise. Stay hydrated and stay motivated!

Comment below + share what you do to prepare for your incoming mini.

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