The One Where Your Little has a Good Nights Sleep


We keep your little in mind when we create any new products. We do all we can to help your little feel the best they can and that includes getting the best sleep possible! 

Read our tips below on how all new parents can help their little stay snoozing all night!


1. Follow a routine

Help your mini distinguish between night and day. Incorporate activities that require more energy while the sun is up and minimal activity when the sun is down. When it is almost time to rest you can communicate that with your little by dimming your lights and using a softer voice.

2. Lay them down when they are drowsy but still awake

Putting your mini on his/her bed when they are starting to fall asleep will help them associate the bed with sleep. Your baby may fuss a little before finding a comfortable position so a pacifier and some calming words may help. Reassure your little one that you are watching over them.  

3. Wrap your mini in a swaddle

Swaddling your baby mimics the mother's womb and gives your mini a sense of comfort. When wrapped correctly, your mini can get more sleep through the night. Be sure to lay your mini on his/her back and swaddle with care with our new baby swaddles available in our shop.

4. Disconnect all technology

Shutting of all technology near by is like shutting off all activity in the world. Any light that emits from your devices will stimulate your mini's brain. Shutting everything off will ensure you get no notification sounds or pop ups. 

5. Give your baby a bed time massage

Gently massaging your baby will slow their heart and breathing rates, relax their muscles, and lower their blood pressure. By giving him/her a massage, you will promote the relaxation response. Start by giving them a simple, gentle rub on their skin.

Comment below + share what you do to help your little get some rest!

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