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Kambia Kids is made to last. Our quality is top of the line and our specific fabric is built for the adventures of each little. This comes at a price for our parents who buy from us, so we searched for a way to reuse our hand-me-downs in the most efficient ways. After we spent so much time searching for and working with dozens of apparel companies, charities and non-profits, we found that what we were looking for didn't exists. So, we stopped searching and built it ourselves.

Our Wear To Wear Program allows your little to wear our items, and after they grow out of them, parents can send the pieces back to us so we can donate to someone in need. Our giveback program starts from your little wearing Kambia Kids, and travels to another little in-need wearing Kambia Kids: wear to wear. 

Have your kids grown out of our sets already? Send them back to us so we can give your hand-me-downs to someone in need. We can send you a pre-paid shipping label to return your Kambia Kids goods! Simply visit our page here to request a shipping label anytime. 

As a small token of our appreciation, you will receive 15% off your next order after we receive your items back! Thank you, in advance for helping us fulfill our goal of creating timeless, lasting garments while preventing access waste in the fashion industry! We look forward to spreading Kambia all around the world. 


This is one of the very reasons why I love Kambia Kids! Community is everything and giving back is at the heart of it! Love this program!

Betty Rose December 16, 2019

Such a great cause! I’m keeping all our sets to hand down to more siblings but will definitely donate to this program once our last child outgrows it!

Monica Manalo December 16, 2019

Everything behind this brand is truly amazing!! The things Kambia does to support not only their community but other communities is beyond anything I’ve ever seen!! Love this soo much!!

Shani December 16, 2019

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