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Article: The One With The Babies!

The One With The Babies!

The One With The Babies!

Roxy Rodriguez was our photographer for our new launch. You can find her on Instagram at @rocksea.

On November 16th, we had our Kambia Friendsgiving to celebrate our 2nd Birthday and our kambiababy launch. We are so thankful for everyone who helps support our gender-free mission, today & always. We want to keep sharing the message that color has no gender and allow kids to be free to be kids.

To our supportive parents and loyal customers, thank you for investing your money into sustainable clothes made in America from recycled bamboo. We believe in a world where kids can be themselves and parents let them by showing acceptance + love regardless of the color they decide to wear, the sport they decide to play and the person they decide to marry. Our whole team here at Kambia Kids takes such pride in representing & building a brand that is setting the standards so high.  
 Click this photo above to enter our gallery! 


Thank you very much for the information provided
I’m very impressed


Very interesting to read you
Good luck to you


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