The One With the Camera Shy Kids

We are always asked, "When we the next Camera Shy Restock be"? And, we finally are able to say the day has come! On February 28th, 2021, we had a photoshoot to get content for our new set. Click the image below to see our photos from the day!

We had a belated Valentine's Day Party, too! Our theme was "We Love You A Bruch" and we had all types of brunch snacks for the kids to munch on in-between photos. In addition, we had a pop-up movie theatre for the kids! Time have been so trying for so many of us in the world and it's a true privilege to hang out with these littles and enjoy moments like the days before this pandemic blindsided us. Cheers to a great shoot and many more "normal" photoshoots coming up in our near future (hopefully)! 


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