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Article: The One With Raising A Differently-Abled Child

The One With Raising A Differently-Abled Child

The One With Raising A Differently-Abled Child

We are fortunate enough to work with the best parents and we want to help you by sharing their secrets. Each Monday, we will launch a new blog series, sharing a post with our most admiral mommas. We take a moment to celebrate their highest achievement and share their best, most anticipated tips + tricks for successful days ahead. 

Being a mom of a “differently-abled” child has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My name is Celina. I am a full time working mama of three based in sunny California. My 2nd child, Soléa, was born with a congenital birth anomaly. When she was born, it was discovered that her right arm stopped just below her elbow. This was never caught on any of the ultrasounds I had, so can imagine how shocked I was to find out my newborn baby was born with part of her right arm missing. My initial reaction was sheer sorrow thinking that my daughters life would be filled with difficulties and heartache fearing that she would struggle in life with constant obstacles. Nothing was further from the truth. My precious baby girl crawled just like a normal baby, she was very independent and wanted to do things on her own. She learned to button her buttons, zip up zippers, tie her shoes. Heck, she was just like a normal child.

I worried how I was going to show her how to do things being that I had both of my hands to do them. Instead, she showed me that I should never doubt someone just because they were born different.

Since very young, Soléa would be that child that went up to you at a park and introduced herself. Any time a child asked what happened to her arm; she’d simply say: I was born that way, and go about her business. Fast forward to now: Soléa is 7 years old, has never had an issue making friends, she’s a social media influencer and she is a signed model for a very well known talent agency in Los Angeles: Zuri Model & Talent. Soléa has booked jobs for Target, Gap Kids, Old Navy and a campaign for Puma. Soléa loves inspiring others and shining in front of the camera.

The moral is, no matter what, always believe in your children. Teach them to be confident and love themselves the way they were born born because the way you treat them is the way they will learn to treat themselves. I must say I am one proud mama bear and I wouldn’t want my beautiful daughter born any other way.

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Love, love, love her spirit and your guidance to allow Solea to be her own. Growing up with an invisible disability was really difficult for me and it took me until my late 20’s to realize that it shouldn’t be something that stops me from seeking the same opportunities as my peers. Love this story and so extremely happy to know more about your family! I’ll be sharing this with my daughter so that she can grow up with the same confidence and appreciation for others!

Betty Rose

Such a great read !

Monica Manalo

Soléa is my lil rock, my fearless beautiful niece. Words can’t describe how proud I am of her. My sister ( momma bear) taught her to never give up, to say “ I can”, and to dream big.
I can see her transformation from when she first started, nothing stops this little girl. Soléa has a huge heart to match her contagious smile and vibrant eyes; she’s always one to lend a hand and to guide other lil ones to succeed.
She’s just a normal and anyone else and I can’t wait to see what her future holds for this go getter !!!
Thank you to KambiaKids for believing and supporting my niece, Soléa ❤️❤️❤️
We love you.

Mercedez (Tia)

First of all, Celina, you are an amazing mama!
Your heart and soul goes into supporting your kids dreams.
I’ve watched Soléa grow at the speed of lightning and nothing will ever stop her. This is where she is destined to be, in fashion and entertainment. She possesses confidence and grace. I’m truly inspired by her, and can’t wait to see where she is headed to…..the stars!


Dezo Empire

I couldn’t agree more. Raising a differently-abled child has been the most rewarding experience of my life as well. Our kids are unstoppable and push us to be better human beings. They open our minds and hearts and make us realize we all have unique gifts inside. My differently-abled girl is a powerful gymnast @ruby_luckyfingymnast, but we are most proud of her kind and accepting heart. Looking forward to following Solea on IG!


Love this so much! She is so amazing and such an inspiration to so many! ❤️

Chelsea Brown

You have one amazing daughter. What an inspiration she is, with such an amazing personality to go with it. She has one amazing mama leading the tribe 🙌🏽

Adele Samuel

what a beautiful story. absolutely love it❤️🙌


Such a beautiful post! Your daughter is amazing and so are you momma!


Love this! Solea is showing everyone out there truly how to be brave and themselves 🧡


This is such a beautiful blog post and dedication to this inspirational young lady. She has so much going on for her. She is definitely going places! I can’t wait to see what else she’ll be doing in life.


Solea is such an inspiration! I love seeing her photos, killing it each outfit. She’s a natural model 🙌🏽 I have no doubt she will do big things. You go girl!


.. What A Beautiful Dedication ..
SOLÉA is a Blessing Of Inspiration to Inspire others that there isn’t anything One Self can not Accomplish.
I have never met her in person but just to see her Smile on Social Media many of times the feeling Is like Family.
SOLÉA Story will continue to touch ones heart, leaving a Speechless feeling..
You have a Amazing Family Celina 👑


Wow! Such an inspiration! Way to go mama Celina for raising an amazing daughter. I love how Soléa doesn’t let anything stop her. I’ve met you guys once and you are all so sweet. Keep shining baby girl and keep doing what you’re doing mama Celina!

Diane Clemente

This is amazing. I’m so touched by this story what an inspiration she is. And what a wonderful job you are doing mama raising such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your story. All the blessings


So happy to know this incredible little lady, Solea. Celina is such an amazing mother and friend and we’re so happy to call then friends. Keep inspiring, Celina & Solea. ✨


What an amazing and inspiring story. Solea is so beautiful and strong! You are doing a great job, Celina! You guys deserve all the success! God bless your family always 🖤

Victoria Wilson

What a beautiful story you are an inspiration as a mom and i pray that Arabella will be even an ounce of how brave your daughter is! You two are amazing

Kayla Carroll (bAbY.arabella)

Wow! Such an inspiring story and such an amazing girl!


Thank you for sharing your story! I love seeing Solea in ads and I follow her on social media. She is such a great model. One of my kids was born with a surprise cleft palate. She has had a few surgeries, and she’s a little trooper too. Love you Celina!


I am so proud of my niece Celina & her daughter Solea! A true testament to the power of love & determination!! Yo te amo Celina & Solea! 💕

Antoinette Peppler

Soléa is truly amazing and deserves all the wonderful things coming her way


Thank you for sharing her inspiring story. I’m sure she is an amazing role model in the Face of adversity.
I love love love everything about this ❤️


Solea is a sweet heart 🥰 she has inspired us so much these past years 😍 I love her style and confidence she is so fierce and brave 💗 I know she will grow up to be the sweetest person ever and we all love her 🌷💗 – Yaz & mama !


Tears of joy an blessed to have solea in our lives an helping were ever we can. Solea is an inspiration to others to never give up an eventhough we may not all look the same we are all created with a heart an soul. I am one proud gran mammabear to mammabear an her beloved cubs


Very proud uncle on such a hardworking niece,she has never let anything get in her way and I know she will continue to grow with wisdom and continue to be “a go getter”
Love u tio Raymond

Raymond Ochoa

Wow!! Soléa is such an inspiration and an amazing role model for todays kids! You are doing an amazing job instilling those values in your children! Their confidence shines right through! It is so important to love yourself no matter what! Keep doing big things, Soléa!


I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing Solea. First of all Celina is a incredible Mother to her and all of her children. Solea is a Beautiful child, that is so sweet and loving. She does not allow anything to stop her. Solea the world is yours! Go out and make your Beautiful Mark on it! ❤️

Cyndi Leigh

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