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Article: The One About Saving Littles.

The One About Saving Littles.

The One About Saving Littles.


Cancer is diagnosed each year in about 175,000 children ages 14 + under worldwide. Cancer is the leading cause of death past infancy for U.S. children, however, thanks to better therapies, more than 80% of U.S. childhood cancer patients now become long-term survivors! 

Here are some tips of what to + what not to say to families dealing with Cancer as well as ways that you can get involved!


1. “I don’t know what to say. I wish that I could make this go away for you. Can I bring you a meal on an evening this week?”

This is authentic and it gives a specific action to help + let the person know you are there for hem.

2. “Your child’s (or your) strength is inspiring.”

This acknowledges what is going on while giving the parent/child a moment to notice just how hard this situation is + that their strength doesn't go unnoticed. 

3. “Let me know if you need to vent or want to take a trip to get a coffee.”

This not only lets them know you are by their side, but it also allows them brief moment to step away and gather themselves with a friend. Friendship is the greatest form of love we have to give others. 


1. “What’s his prognosis?”

This focuses on the possibility of future death - we must focus on the positives! 

2. “Eighty (or any other) percent chance of survival is pretty good.”

No parent wants to hear that their child may have a 20% chance of passing away.

3. "Have you tried x,y,z?"

This can leave parents feeling like they aren't doing enough. Dealing with cancer is quite the battle to face - it is important to acknowledge the struggle without adding onto what the parent's are or are not doing.     



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