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Article: The One About Distance Learning.

The One About Distance Learning.

The One About Distance Learning.



As my husband is a teacher, we decided not to take the approach of setting a "school environment" dynamic with strict schedules because the reality was, we aren’t their teachers, we are mom & dad. They aren’t in school, they are in their home. These times are confusing enough for children, and we believe trying to recreate school at home only adds to that; on top of the stress that comes along with distance learning for the parents, who then take those frustrations and project that onto the kids which takes the the fun out of learning.
One thing we did that helped A LOT was purchasing a desk so that they had their own quiet space to get work done. For whatever reason, they were much more focused sitting at a desk and seemed to take it more seriously than sitting at the kitchen table. We want them to be comfortable at home while also being able to focus when "class is in session."



1. Don't make homework stressful.

If you notice them getting frustrated, give them a 10min break + come back to it. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a 10min break + come back to it.

2. Your relationship with your little is more important than that math problem.

If children start associating homework with stress, they will become more resistant to doing it! This increases stress for both of you. Instead, take a walk or play a quick game together to build that relationship which will allow both of you to solve the problem together! 

3. Set a comfortable yet "focused" area in your home for your little.

Like working from home, remember that school for your little is just the same! Creating a safe + comfortable space in the home gives them the chance to get in + out of the learning zone! 

For more tips + tricks follow @cheyennestoll  

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