Your Child's New Normal.

As the country starts opening back up, we can't help but feel tension regarding our littles + their safety. Today, we have gathered some information to help you prepare yourself + your little to take initiative in fighting the spread of COVID-19.
1. Clean Hands Often
Make it fun by having your little sing the ABCs (or by counting to fifteen in Spanish) while they lather with soap + rinse thoroughly with warm water.
2. Avoid People Who Are Sick
Stay home when you can. Take this time to teach your little to cough + sneeze in their elbows. 
3. Keep Your Distance
Host a cute "social distancing picnic" outside to see friends + loved ones. And, if your kids are missing grandparents or older relatives + friends, have them make a card and mail it out or utilize FaceTime + Zoom calls.
4. Wear a Face Mask
CDC suggests children two-years and older should wear a cloth face covering. We are still shipping out affordable masks for adults + kids if you are in need!
5. Elevate "Clean Up Time"
Teach your minis the proper way to safely disinfect high-touch surfaces daily.
6. Throw It In The Wash
You can throw most of their plush toys, bibs, sheets (& even their sneakers) into the washing machine.
Visit to see their guidelines + advice. 
Stay Calm
Littles will remember what you say and how you say it!
Be There For Your Littles
Let them know that they are safe and that it's okay if they feel upset or frustrated. Teach them how you deal with your own stress!
Encourage Curiosity
Let them know they can come to you when they have questions!
Actually take time to answer the many infamous "but, why" questions and avoid language that might blame others + lead to stigma. Be sure to give your little information that is truthful + appropriate.
Watch Their Complete Diet
Their diet is not only what they are eating; but also it's what they are seeing on the TV/YouTube and what they are hearing in the kitchen and on the radio. Be mindful of what they are putting into their bodies physically and mentally. Take this a time to do family exercises together and to make family dinners together.


Visit to see their guidelines + advice. 


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