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Article: The One With The Hospital Bag List

The One With The Hospital Bag List

The One With The Hospital Bag List

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As a first-time-mama, I did a lot of research about what to bring to the hospital for my babygirls delivery. After reading through a bunch of "hospital bag checklists" floating around Pinterest and recently experiencing birth firsthand, I made a simple list of must-haves, that will all fit in one bag! (I used this weekender bag: it's cute, affordable, and big enough to fit everything!)


FORMS: Pack your insurance card, license and birth plan. If you're anything like me, you'll order a second license so you can literally pack everything in advance and let your bag sit off to the side ready to go, so when you need it, you're all set! It leaves no room for error. (And, being that I forget a lot of things, I've learned how to work with myself, lol!) To that point, I even sent my husband e-copies of my i nsurance card, license and birth plan, so in the event I couldn't even take my bag with me, I would have something on hand regardless of the situation.


10-ft Cell phone charger: There's no need to break-the-bank on a branded charger, especially incase you forget it in the delivery room when you move over to postpartum! Linked is a pack of two, so you have one for mom and dad.

Cash: It's always nice to have a few bucks on hand for vending machines or whatever may come up.

Mints/Gum: I heard a lot of moms complain that their partners breath was making them sick throughout labor. Whether leftover scent from a snack or morning breath after a long night in labor, you don't want something in your control to lead to added sickness when you need complete focus and ease.

"His" toiletries: My husband travels often, so had a toiletry bag prepped perviously, but if you need one, I linked a perfect little kit. 

Lounging attire: Be sure he has comfortable clothes, ideally in layers incase the hospital is freezing. Pack (or have him wear) a zip up for easy skin-to-skin. 

Going home outfit: I packed something casual that matched the baby's going home outfit! 


Car seat (installed!): I loved the Doona! We had so much fun with this easy-to-use infant car seat. I highly suggest it. It's the most convenient car seat, which also turns into a stroller! The two-in-one is just so perfect for a mom on the go, especially a working and traveling mama! But, make sure you install the car seat prior to leaving for the hospital. Fire stations (apparently) can help you with this: but, I just did a simple YouTube search.

Baby book: YES - pack the book and get your baby's handprints + fingerprints in the hospital! (Of course, I packed my book and forgot to do this, so I used this dry ink pad at the house the next day.)

Swaddle/Receiving blanket: Pack a cute swaddle for your that will look nice in photos. I love these swaddles that are 100% organic cotton and use absolutely no harsh dyes or chemicals. Make sure you wash it with baby-safe detergent before you pack it in your bag!

Going home outfit: Pack something cute, cozy and mini! Newborns barley fit into the "0-3 months" size, so just focus on comfort. 



Comment below + share what you needed to have in your hospital bag!

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