Here at Kambia Kids we make it a priority to influence change. We want to ensure that our kids grow up and live in a world that is safe and ignites initiative to take care of our planet. It is important for us to teach our kids how we can play our part in keeping our Earth green!

Read our list below on activities you can do with your little to celebrate Earth day or any day!

Create Recycling Bins

As a fun way to incorporate arts & crafts in your day, you can buy a bin that you can decorate with your little. This is a fun way to remind them why we recycle. Plastics cause many issues for marine wild life and take up to 450 years to decompose. 

Be Car-Free

One way we can celebrate Earth Day is by going car-free! Instead of driving to the grocery store you and your family can bike or roller blade there together. 

Plant Something 

Plants help reduce the carbon dioxide levels present in our environment. If you plant your own fruits and vegetables it will limit the emissions from transferring the foods to the stores or buy from your local farmers market. They also add more color to your home and are great decorative pieces!

Have a Meatless Day

Animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% - 16.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It takes more fruits and vegetables to feed the animals than it does to feed our bodies.

Donate to Charity

We strive to limit the damages that originate from fast fashion companies. We make our products from quality materials so that is is made to last. Take advantage of our Wear to Wear program and send us the clothes that your little has grown out of! This way we can also provide to those that really need our help. 

Go to a Farmer's Market

When you buy produce from a local farmer's market, the food is grown nearby. By supporting the farmers in your area, you cut down the on the emissions of transferring your food from elsewhere. This is why it is beneficial to shop for everything made or grown locally. 

Spend Time Outside

Earth day is a reminder to us that our planet is beautiful. Take advantage of the sunlight and bring your little to a picnic on the beach!

Comment below + share what you do to help keep our plant clean!

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