The One Where You Become A Kambia Model!

Kambia Kids has been so fortunate to work with the absolute best littles ever! We truly have had the kindest, smartest + sweetest children to model for us and without them, we really couldn't do what we do. If you have ever wondered how to get your little to be one of our models, you're in luck!  


Please leave a comment below with your answers:

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
Whether it's because they love working the camera or have a passion for fashion, let us know what sets your little apart! 

2. Where are you based?
We love to bring new littles to our events + love building our community of littles in Los Angeles - so living in LA is a bonus!  

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
Are you new to kid modeling or is this something you have been doing for a while? Share your Instagram handle with us so we can get a feel of your little's style! 
Please note that private Instagrams will not be considered.  

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us? 
We at Kambia truly take pride in everything we do - including picking individuals who are passionate about our brand!

 5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?
We are currently looking for littles who can reach a broad audience! If your numbers aren't "high" don't worry, we always keep our eyes on small Instagram pages too!  

 6. Comment below! 
Please comment all answers below. If we feel like we are the perfect fit for each other, we will reach back out to you!


1. Why does your little want to model for us?
My little one loves to be the center of attention! He’s very outgoing and reads social cues very well for his age (9mos), he is often told how happy of a baby he is because he always has a smile on his face and will definitely make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you see it🥰

2. Where are you based?
We are based in Bakersfield CA!

3. Leave your littles Instagram
His IG is definitely under construction (@abeleli10) as we just made it to try and get his modeling career going💚 mommas IG is v.dazee!!

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us? 
There’s an easy laid back but very cool and trendy vibe that I get from Kambia clothing that I’ve always loved, and said if I ever have kids this is how I want to dress them!!
5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?
Seeings how it’s a brand new acct our stats are non-existent but will be growing very soon😉

Daisy Vega July 21, 2021

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
Luna loves dressing up and taking pictures! She loves trying on new outfits and showing them to anybody that’ll listen.

2. Where are you based?
We live in Los Angeles!

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
Luna’s been modeling for awhile since she was 5 months. She’s worked with some of your models already! Her Instagram is @lunaeleanorhamilton

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us? 

We love your style, focus on diversity, and that you’re LA based. I love that you stray far away from the usual styles marketed towards kids. You have pieces that can be effortlessly styled.

 5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

Luna has 1k followers!

Arielle hamilton July 21, 2021

Hey! My name is Kelsey and my 2 babies, Tay (3) and Kaisa (1) would love to model for Kambia.

1. Tay and Kai would love to model for Kambia because they both love the products for one, but they are both full of so much joy and would love to share their light with others.

2. Where are you based?
We are located in San Mateo, outside of San Francisco but travel to LA/San Diego often and would be happy to do so:)

3. Leave your littles Instagram! @kelsey2stiles and @nemosdad
Both of my kids have modeled before, as their dad is a model. Their dad, Marlon, has been making me email Kambia every year to ask when adult clothing will be available haha we are such huge fans of the brand and material, we cannot wait to be able to wear it ourselves :)

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
The Kambia Mission, quality, EQUALITY, colors, softness, comfort and style are exactly what we look for in kids clothes. We are also all about hand – me -downs so all the colors will be worn by both my son and my daughter:)

5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

I only have 570 followers and my husband has 704, but we have tons of followers with kids and Marlon is a model, so he has a variety of followers.

6. Comment below!

My babies are half black and half white – Kaisa has light hair with bright blue eyes and Taylor has these big, dark, piercing round eyes . They both light up our lives so we thought they may do the same for you.

Kelsey Stiles July 21, 2021

Ig handle

Aline Soghmonian July 21, 2021

1. My little would love to model for Kambia kids because she is a natural in front of the camera. Even though she is only 3 years old, she loves adding her own style to her photos. Ayami is also great at following direction when needed. Whether you need her to be serious or silly , she is all in. She loves to have fun while she works!

2. We are based in Maryland but are willing to travel for photoshoots. We currently travel to NY when an opportunity presents itself!

3. My little’s instagram handle is @ayami.javae
She has been modeling since 2018 :)

4. Ever since i started following the Kambia kids page I fell in love with how everyone seems so much like family. I would love to become apart of that as well as my daughter. You treat your models with kindness and love and who wouldn’t want to work for a brand like that? Even when contacting the Kambia Kids IG page they were so kind when speaking to me. The photos and videos that i see gives me such a great feeling and only makes us want to be apart of your family even more! You guys are truly AMAZING!

5. Ayami’s ig is growing day by day. We currently have almost 2700 (not much) but we work very hard to increase our followers on a regular just by Yami being her authentic self!

6. We hope to hear from you soon!

Erika- Mother of Ayami July 21, 2021

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
Riley is 5 years old and loves being in front of the camera and making new friends. She always picks out and styles her own clothes and asks me to take a photo. She has the funnest times at photoshoots and really shines! We love what we’ve seen in IG stories for shoots and BTS from the current models (Pria, Kyrie, Scarlett, etc). They look incredibly fun and happy!

2. Where are you based?
We live in the Bay Area but travel down to Alhambra often. Riley’s dad is based down in So Cal for work so we are in So Cal part time.

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
@rileyadison_. Riley has been modeling since she was 3.5 years old. Mainly print and children’s clothes/boutique lines. She has agency representation in both SF and LA.

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
We were gifted a hoody and sweatpants set and love the comfort and softness! We love that Kambia Kids is inclusive, diverse, and gender free. That’s a brand we’d love to get behind and support!

5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

230 followers and growing. Just starting to be more active in social media!

Stephanie Ng July 21, 2021

My daughter Summer loves the taking pictures and taking photos but her favorite part is the fashion!

We are located in LA

We absolutely love your brand. The first thing that stands out is the quality, secondly would be the diversity in the kids who model for you and lastly, the dedication of the owner is something to admire and makes us want to support you. There aren’t a lot of brands that still value quality diversity and also have their founder so heavily involved.

Summers page is shared with her two younger sisters. The page really just captures them individually and as sisters. While some photos are of summers work and headshots, the majority of tbe posts are of fun moments in their lives.


Anja Akhile July 21, 2021

1. Although Layla is only about to be 2 years old, she has a strong liking to be different when she steps on the scene. She likes wearing bright colors and coordinates outfits you typically wouldn’t see a 2 year old put together. From her hair to her clothes and down to her toes Layla is the true definition of kids fashion and would be a great asset to Kambia Kids.

2. We live in Chicago, but are willing to make LA our second home!

3. Layla can be found on Instagram @LaylaPaisli

4. Layla takes pride in picking her clothes out and getting dressed from school everyday. A nice joggers set is her go to. Kambia Kids have the most fashionable comfy jogger sets for kids that I have seen. Layla wants to show kids that they can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time!

5. Layla does not have a high following at the moment, but that does not determine how smart, beautiful, and fashion forward she is. We are a minority so often times her full potential is overlooked. All she needs is an opportunity!
Layla Paisli Harris (Daughter) Sierra Williams (Mother) July 21, 2021

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
Hi my name is Blanca my daughter Kaylani would love to model for you guys she is only one 16 months to be exact but she loves the attention already. She loves to smile and has a big personality. You will always catch her smiling and dancing. She enjoys the camera and gets so excited when she sees clothes and shoes. She already knows when it’s time for a photo shoot.

2. Where are you based?
We live in Riverside 40 mins from LA

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
We are new to modeling. We actually just got signed with a agency (Zuri agency) in LA. We excited for Kaylani’s future in modeling.
Her Instagram: Kaylanikamya

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
We love the diversity we see in all kids and style of clothes. Especially the comfortable clothes. We love the fashionable and comfortable style. The gender free style is a plus. Kaylani would love to bring her fun and loving gracious personality to your team.

5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

We are are still fairly new to Instagram so we are still reaching an audience. We love all the love we are getting so far. Her audience is growing every day.
Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon:)

Blanca Melgar ( mom to Kaylani Kamya) July 21, 2021

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
My daughter Ella is almost 3 months old and I can start her off young! She has her own Instagram and such cute outfits already, never too much!

2. Where are you based?
We are based out of South Florida.

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
We are new to modeling and can’t wait to start! – babyellarose2020

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
We love your style!

5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

Ella has 26 followers and 29 posts.

Emily Giorlando July 21, 2021

1: Kennedy loves dressing up & posing for the camera. She loves making friends and all things social media. Constantly taking pictures and making fake blogs that I won’t let her post because she’s 4.

2: We’re from LA, CA where’s it’s always sunny.

3: insta is @kennireign
We’re no stranger to the camera
Been with Zuri for 3 years and lovin’ it

4: our social media stats are the worst because mom doesn’t know what she’s doing but we still post pics regardless. Planning on working on the page more and starting a blog soon.

5: We love Kambia. The vibe, the colors, the message and the kids! I follow quite a few of them and have spoken to some of the mamas who have nothing but great things to say about working with y’all. As you can see we like to dress comfy and don’t do what everyone else is doing. We like to lead, not follow.

Kennedy & Jessica July 21, 2021

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
Khalen is newly getting into the world of modeling and looking to build up his portfolio/resume. We have been eyeing Kambia Kids’ IG page for awhile now, and feel that your clothes and story behind the company is well fitting. Khalen loves to takes pictures, and also has a passion of taking the pictures himself. He’s goofy, easy going, and always in good spirits.

2. Where are you based?
Ventura, CA

3. Leave your littles Instagram!

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
We appreciate and like the inclusivity and wholesomeness that Kambia Kids is all about. It’s conveyed in your clothing style and representation in your kid models. Khalen would make a great fit. He also loves simple, comfortable clothes.

5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

Khalen’s audience is not that high as Khalen’s account was initially created to be shared with family and friends around the world. It was made public as most do not have Facebook or IG accounts, but can still easily navigate to his IG link for easy access.

Khalen July 21, 2021

Hello, we have been following your brand for almost 2 years now. My kids love rocking the sweat outfits and my husband and I love dressing them in the sweat outfits. It always calls for a perfect day with a perfect outfit!

1.) Our kids personalities come to life when you put a camera on them and tell them to pose. Our morning routine is picking out their outfit of the day, walking outside and modeling for the camera. They have always loved being extra comfy with a little bit of swagger behind the comfy and your clothes are just that. Comfy and stylish!

2.) We live in Orange County, CA.

3.) Our instagrams are: momma (Sierra_paigee) dada (seehow25) the babies (little_howards). This would be their first modeling gig but we truly love your clothing brand and stand behind the mission.

4.) First and foremost, your clothing brand is extremely comfortable for kids of all ages and both boys and girls. More importantly, we love the meaning behind your clothing brand and what you guys stand for. We believe, as a family, we can truly represent your brand and what you’re trying to convey to the world through fashion.

5.) Our instagrams are not your average million follower accounts but with having three kids majority of our followers are family and friends with the same type of lifestyle as us – little kiddos running around everywhere and enjoying life with a constant fashion statement.

Thank you so so much! We hope to hear from you.

Sierra Golding July 21, 2021


We just were gifted some of your clothing, and we have fallen in love! So comfy and stylish, and as my daughter Adeline would say- it feels right!

1. Addy wants to model for Kambiakids because she loves to be the center of attention, and show off her style! Also, this company is something that is very close to our hearts and that is showing that all kiddos are special, in every look and way. Addy is a mixed (African American/white) curly headed four year old who has worn glasses all her life!

2. We are in Los Angeles!

3. Catcatwilliams

4. The diversity, message, and vibe of the. Rand is everything that represents us!

5. We just made a public account, and reach a lot of mamas! We have a YouTube channel that we share our journeys!

Cathy Williams December 17, 2020

1. Why does your little want to model for us?
She has a passion for the camera. She is outgoing loves people and gets along well with everyone. She loves to be smiled at and interacted with. She will light your day up. Instagram page is Baby20Hadassah we haven’t posted any new pictures but we will soon.

2. Where are you based?
We live in AZ but road trips to California are always fun. And I have a flexible schedule to be able to do that.

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
Baby20Hadassah we are new to modeling. As a mom I love kids fashion and we always checking out all the new cute kids outfits.
4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
I love the simplicity and the neutral colors. Your style is such a vybe it’s calm and laid back.
5. What do your Instagram statistics look like? Are numbers are not extremely high we have almost 3k followers. But we will grow. Planning on starting a YouTube channel.

Hadassah Bagaloo December 17, 2020


My son Ezra is 3yrs old and he is an absolute entertainer and complete ham around people and cameras. He’s currently with The Zuri Agency and has been part of many photo shoots since he was a baby. We also has a fresh little! Our youngest, Bodhi, is 4mo old.

We’re currently in LA, but moving to OC. But we are always available to come to the city.

Both their pages are fairly new (ezra_drum and @bodhi_drum) and they are always making appearances on mine (sallyenadrum).

We’ve been following along for some time now and we love and appreciate the quality of your pieces! We love that they are gender neutral, pieces that you can mix and match, pieces that the boys can live and play in, while being so stylish. Thank you for creating such amazing clothes and for the consideration!

Sally Drum December 17, 2020

Hi, my name is Anastasia and my daughter’s name is Emilia.
1. Why does your little want to model for us?
We love your style! We have recently been invited to a few photoshoots and discovered a real love for fashion and pictures. My daughter has always been comfortable in front of the camera and easily follows instructions.

2. Where are you based?
Los Angeles

3. Leave your littles Instagram!
Emilia’s IG is brand new @emilia.leilani
And here’s mine @anastasia.blohin

4. What is it about Kambia Kids that makes you want to model for us?
We love your story and your style. We also love that you’re a local company.

5. What do your Instagram statistics look like?

As I mentioned before, Emilia’s IG is new. We have decided to create a separate page for her recently after she’s shown all this interest in modeling. We plan to be active and help promote companies we work with. Thank you for considering us and we hope to hear from you soon!

Anastasia Blohin December 10, 2020

Hello, My name is Marilyn. My daughter Alessia Dianni is something else. She’s 3 years old and loves to be in front of the camera. She would love to model for Kambia Kids because she absolutely loves clothes, especially comfy clothing. Whenever she gets a new piece of clothing or a new accessory she puts on a runway show for daddy and mommy. She just gets it. We are extremely proud of her and excited for her future.

We are based out of Anaheim and travel to LA often for fun photo shoots for Alessia.

Alessia’s Instagram account is: @alessia_dianni
her account is fairly new so we are excited for the new opportunities Instagram has to offer. so far we have met tons of incredible people who have amazingly talented kids.

Alessia loves shopping with mommy. we shop in both the Boys and Girls sections. I truly love that Kambia Kids is gender free clothing brand, and honestly this hits home for me. I’ve struggled severely as a child with choosing to “right” kind of girly clothes to blend in and it just wasn’t my style. I want to teach my daughter at a young age to wear what reflects her personality, whether that’s a dress or blue overalls. Kambia Kids clothing is the clothing I needed as a child.

Alessia’s Instagram statistics are not where I expect them to be but we are anxiously watching her gain a fan base who truly love to see what Miss Alessia Dianni is all about. We have so much support so far and are very appreciative.

Thank you so much and we hope to join the family soon, and what a privilege that would be.

Alessia Dianni Yorke December 10, 2020


Jana loves Camera and really comfortable with it! She is 7 years old. She is 46.8” tall and 42 pound. Born on Oct 28th 2013. She is a US Citizen. She is a happy and lively kid and she has a lot of passion for fashion. She did kids modeling before. She has an instagram page. @Janalicioussss
She has 2558 followers.
I love your unique and stylish brand. The outfits looks so comfortable and I’d like to share it with other people in her page with her followers!
We are living in Los Angeles, westwood area and would like the opportunity to audition for any upcoming modeling jobs that you think Jana may be right for. We are open to traveling and feel free to keep us in your file for upcoming project.

Hope to hear back from you very soon!

Alma aryaie December 10, 2020

My babygirl Eilona would be perfect for Kambia Kids! She is only 5 months old, but LOVES the camera. She has so much personality and is always in a good mood. She is a happy healthy little baby who loves having her picture taken. She is a natural in front of the camera and has a unique look with dark hair and light blue eyes. We live in Southern California, Del Mar. Eilona does not have her own Instagram account, but her photos have pretty much taken over mine. @vanessallobato_ I love the Kambia Kids overall look of stylish and comfy all in one brand! Eilona is a beautiful babygirl, and I love to dress her up in matching sets, but want her to still feel comfortable and be able to play. I feel like Kambia Kids allows that to be possible while still feeling like your baby is dressed up and ready for their photo op. I myself find feeling comfortable in clothing important and I want Eilona to have the same experience. I currently have 3281 followers on Instagram, mostly moms and have many mom friends. My most liked photos get 300-400 likes. I am very engaged on social media and get a lot of exposure by other moms.

Vanessa Lobato November 30, 2020

My daughter loves clothes and dress up and be cute ! We are based in New York ! Kaylas 3 and her Instagram is @kaylaelisareyeslopez but for the most part we post mostly on @vanne_lopezz we would love to get the experience and hope to make a career out of this for Kayla. We absolutely love what we see with this brand !

Kayla Reyes lopez November 30, 2020

We have loved being part of the Kambia Kids family these past few years and must say it’s been a blessing to be part of the journey. We’ve seen Kambia go through a few seasons of colors that are perfect for each kid and season, expand their line to include little ones 😍 (woo! For 0-3mo warmies!), and add accessories like hats and feeding tools—all while remaining eco conscious. Most of all, the humbleness of this high end brand goes straight to our hearts, seeing how they give back to the community in more ways than one, in more times a year than others, that truly helps support those in need in their city. Love this company and the people who run it! Best of luck to all the new faces! 🎉

Betty Rose November 30, 2020

Hi my name is Elle and my daughter Ava Maria is such a ham! She is sweet, funny, friendly, and enjoys being in front of the camera. She is only 16 months but already loves clothes! We are located in South Florida. Ava does not have her own Instagram, but you can see her on mine (avabearsmom and itselledom – one is for business, the other is strictly for family/friends).
One of the things that drew me to Kambia Kids is that you offer quality, gender-neutral clothing in beautiful colors. While I do dress up my girl. most times you can find her in pullovers. joggers, and t-shirts – some of which are your brand. She would be a great addition to the team!

Elle November 23, 2020

Hello! I have a 3 and 5 year old who LOVE soft and comfy clothes. I think they’d be so happy to model in clothes that don’t tie in gender stereotypes—-clothes that just let them be who they are, no strings attached. 😊

2. Where are you based?
Wrightwood, California (about 1 hour 20 min from LA)

3. @_anna.hale_ is our family account
We are fairly new to kid modeling but the little experience we have had has been so fun!

4. We would love to work with kambia kids because of the gender free model. Gender free clothing helps children feel free to be who they are without stereotypes thrown in their faces. I think it’s beautiful and I’m so happy more companies are coming out with gender free clothing. 👏🏼

5. Insights:
Nov 6-nov 12
608 accounts reached
529 content interactions

6. Thank you for considering us. 🙏🏼😊🤍
Anna Hale November 23, 2020

1.Hello My name is Gabby and my son name is Gavvin He is only two years old he would be a great fit because he loves interacting with other kids he has the biggest heart Gavvin has been modeling since he was 6 months old
2.We are based in Los Angeles California
3.Our Instagram is @dagavstersworld
4. We love this brand and the story behind it.
5.We would love nothing then to be part of this group brand build new friends and great memories
6. Kamba kid and Gavvin would be a Great fit. Thanks again for the great opportunity Gabby Gavvin’s Mommy

Gabby Sand November 23, 2020

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