The One Where We Announce Our Newest Size

You've been asking, so we updated our sizing! We now carry 18 months- 8 years. 

You guessed it: we started making size 18 months, in everything! We get an overwhelming amount of messages asking if there will ever be a smaller size for younger kids, so we created the same sweat-sets + tshirts in a smaller size! We now make 18 months-8 years.

Our high standards of excellence allows our agenda to vary slightly depending on demand, as long as it's within our company-culture. This was the next step we had to take and we are so excited to say they are online now. Each piece still in stock is ready to ship! 

We did already sell out of size 8 sets, so get what you want while you can! 


Enjoy! And always feel free to send us your photos by email ( or tag us on Instagram (#kambiakids). 



Yay to updating your sizes! We’re so excited and can’t wait to get our hoodie.

Kitiya Cruz November 09, 2018

Love the colors!!

Emma Ricupero November 09, 2018

That’s so exciting!!!!

Kristi Ladage November 09, 2018

Love the variety of sizes!!

Monica FMS November 09, 2018

Yes! I love little itty bitty clothing size. This is perfect!!

Betty Rose November 09, 2018

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