Meet 5-year-old Trey, who spends most of his time obsessing over Marvel characters and all kind of animals, and of course there is school, and then there is meeting new friends! Trey began meeting people of all walks of life through his father’s workplace. Since then, he has never stopped asking questions - to basically everyone. You might recognize Trey on the short series of Hypekids Academy which launched towards the end of 2019, but he’s now made the decision to meet and make even more friends in 2020. Welcome to Academy T!

What does ‘T’ stand for you may ask. For Trey, T stands for, to Think, Togetherness, to Teach, to Thrive, to Treasure, and to be Thankful, and obviously TREY!


With the launch of his new collaboration with Audemars Piguet, Austen Chu, founder of Horoloupe chats with Trey.